KK! So...everyone's doing these, so I decided to be a trend-follower (aka desperate chick) and make this blog!!!

Ask me a question. ANY question. Like...what is you favorite food? /_chocolatecoveredbacon_/

Or...why does Marie want me to die in a hole? I don't know. But I won't die in a hole until she jumps off of a skyscraper, so ha.

So, any question at ALL. I'll answer it! As long as it's not something like...what color is your cat? Because I can't say. She's more than one color, so that answer isn't possible. If you asked me what colorS are your cat? I would answer with: black and white. SIAMESE CATS FOREVER!!!!!

P.S. I call this Ask The Spaz because I am a spaz. I suffer from "Spasm And Twitch" disorder. Hence the reason this blog is called Ask The Spaz.

ASK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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