aka Sonja the evil

  • I live in the United States
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is trying to understand the world around me
  • I am some unusual woman
  • Kittygirl7878

    I'm leaving because I made a rude comment on one of the pages (see my contributions to see), and I just don't belong here anymore. I'm not coming back to this wiki at all (but I'll stay on the actual Victorious wiki). and don't beg me to come back, because I just won't. I don't see that you would want to beg me anyways because of the replies to that comment, and everyone else should agree with it

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  • Kittygirl7878

    this wiki is fun

    November 7, 2011 by Kittygirl7878

    this is such a cool wiki to be in. I just wish that there were more pairings of me because so far there is only 1 pairing on here involving me, and everyone else has at least 2 pairings involving them...

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