Yeah, that is the most formal-sounding title to a blog like ever. I know. Anyway, this blog is without formatting. I'm in no mood to beautify what I'm trying to say here.

Basically, I'm sick of all the drama that has fallen on our wikis, this one and the main wiki.

I know, I'm really not one who should be talking here considering I wasn't there when the drama first erupted. That's why I stayed out of it. Why? I shouldn't be "picking sides" because 1) I don't know the full extent of what happened. 2) Whatever I know is told to me by someone else. Honestly, and no offense, but nobody tells the story without bias. 3) Picking sides is really useless. I get that we try to back up our friends or stand up for what's right, but here, I consider everyone a friend, and I don't really see a clear right or wrong. All I see here is a big split of users. People defending each other and adding to comments about other users instead of trying to patch up differences and understand what made people act the way they did.

I won't hesitate to admit that sometimes I have negative opinions of some users that I may say to other people. For that, I am sorry. I will just say right now that I like everyone here for one reason or another, but I would also be a liar to say I love every aspect of every user. None of us are perfect. I'm not a big fan of myself either, but I wish everyone would look past these differences and stop adding fuel to the fire. Every so often we have a user boldly saying something about someone else and then other people get mad. Why can't we just make peace and cut it out? All this is making some users depressed and others leave, which honestly isn't helping. Instead of fleeing from the problem or adding to it, can we face this out in the open and stop this cold war (no pun intended)? I'm tired of people leaving due to drama. I'm tired of people feeling obligated to take sides. I'm tired of people being depressed because of this. We all joined the wikis to have fun. What happened?

Edit: I reverted the blog back after removing the content because people commented anyway, and I figure everyone else has the right to know what they're talking about. Besides, the admins can read the history, so yeah.

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