• Cc71


    February 7, 2012 by Cc71

    Yeah, that is the most formal-sounding title to a blog like ever. I know. Anyway, this blog is without formatting. I'm in no mood to beautify what I'm trying to say here.

    Basically, I'm sick of all the drama that has fallen on our wikis, this one and the main wiki.

    I know, I'm really not one who should be talking here considering I wasn't there when the drama first erupted. That's why I stayed out of it. Why? I shouldn't be "picking sides" because 1) I don't know the full extent of what happened. 2) Whatever I know is told to me by someone else. Honestly, and no offense, but nobody tells the story without bias. 3) Picking sides is really useless. I get that we try to back up our friends or stand up for what's right, but here, I consider ever…

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