Odd family9
The Odd Family
is the family of many odd people. They're strange, they're crazy, and some of them may even scare you with their weirdness. We're warning you- they all belong in the "Special Room." If they try to murder you, contact the nurse with the special shots IMMEDIATELY.

The FamilyEdit

  • InsaneBlueberry (The Demented Girl Who Belongs in the Asylum and Constantly Acts Like a Cat and Wants to Eat and/or Kill Everybody and She Hears the Voices)
  • Mrs.leohoward (The Insane, Bipolar One Who Enjoys Murdering Liz, Ciria, and Emily, And Foams at the Mouth)
  • Nirenberge213 (The Insane Girl Who Constantly has Spasms and Twitches/The Freak Who Needs Foam Blocks on her Hands and Spends Most of her Time Being Carried Away on a Gurney)
  • Ciria (The Psycho Bipolar Ghost Chick Who Throws Crap Around and Hits Anything In Her Way)
  • KatyKat20 (The Fruity Hobo Who Has Psychotic Rampages Over Random Foods And Ostriches As Well As Furless Llamas)
  • StraightACarlaay (The Nerdy Girl Who Gets Uncontrollable Spasms Every Time Somebody Pronounces A Word Wrong Or Uses Wrong Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation. It's Also Not Uncommon When She Shows A Strange Craving For Roasted Oysters And Orange Kiwis)
  • Cat'n'Jade_DANCE (The Girl Who Turns Invisible When Given Coffee and Enjoys Hanging From the Ceiling)

Family EventsEdit

The Extravaganza or Something Like That Birthday PartaaayEdit

On February 11, 2012, our very own family creator will be having her lovely insane birthday. On her birthday however, since the voices are at their strongest, she will be in the Special Room and won't be able to have a party that day. So, on Friday, February 10, we will have Liz's - lol. I didn't mention that it was her birthday did I? xD - birthday party. For the celebration, we will have popcorn and.. stuff... I guess. lol.

Dates to Remember: February 10, 2012

Celebration Type: Birthday Partaaay for Lizzay Dizzay

Random InformationEdit

  • We may seem normal, but if you press the berserk button, you'll see who we really are. (DUN DUN DUN)

Theme Song: (sing to the Barney song) I kill you, you kill me. We're a gloomy family. With a great big knife, and a stab from me to you. Something something I'll kiiilll yoooouuu toooo.

Join Our FamilyEdit

If you'd like to join our family, just ask us down in the comments. You must come up with a good, sensible reason to join our family.