The Directioners is the amaZAYN, brilLIAM, extraordinHARRY, fabuLOUIS, phenomeNIALL pairing between the awesome Directioners Deni, Cait, Ant, Marie & MLH.

Their BoysEdit

Deni + Zayn = Deyn.

Cait + Niall = Nait.

Ant + Louis = Logan.

Marie + Harry = Marry.

MLH + Liam = Giam.


  • They're all Directioners.
  • Each one has their own husband.
  • They know the inside jokes.

Moments (Like the song, get it? LLN).Edit

  • They were all on chat at once. (except MLH *sniff*)
  • They talked about 1D.

Their SongsEdit

Each one has their own song.

Deni - Moments.

MLH - More Than This, Everything About You.

Cait - I Wish

Ant - Save You Tonight.

Marie - Stand Up.

Their WikiEdit

Clicky or we'll go to Nando's without you.

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