That Odd Nikait

Shipped Users:

That Odd Guy,NikzLovesJarlos, and ♡KitKat♡

That Odd Nikait is the tri-pairing of That Odd Guy, Nikz, and Cait. This was not approved by That Odd Guy, but since we're the bestest friends, we think he approves it, teehee.


  • The three love going on Tiny Chat alone....
  • Nikz and Cait LOVE Barbie's voice.
  • Cait and Nikz call Odd Barbie.
  • Nikz and Cait love how Barbie says Nikz name....
  • Cait and Nikz manipulate him into saying stuff like I LOVE BTR beacuse they love his voice.
  • The three PM A LOT.
  • Nikz and Cait are Besties with Reffy, Barbie's sister.
  • The girls were Barbie's first friends on the Victorious wiki.
  • Barbie agrees with his girls when they are fangirling; for example - "CARLOS IS SO HOT!" "IKR."
  • Of course, when he says that, it's only to make his girls happy.(Or he really means it)
  • Barbie PMs both of them random stuff.
  • Nikz and Barbie are good friends with Clifford, Cait's brother.
  • The 3 are Rushers!(Well kind of but Nikz is working on it)
  • One time when they were on TC Barbie told Cait and Nikz "Bye my angles" on mic.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Place- Tinychat.

Song- Aly & AJ Like Whoa

PS:Barbie just chose it beacuse he thinks they are hot. No, he didn't, he just said that cause he didn't want to admit that he liked em'. He is lying.

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