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Shipped Users

StraightACarlaay, Azulatatis

Start Date of Ship

4th of November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


StraightAzula is the friendship between StraightACarlaay and Azulatatis. Both became really good friends on the chat talking about strange things... and Mexico. They became closer and love joking between each other.

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • They both love making jokes.
  • They met on the chat and had that instant click.
  • Carlaay was very excited to be paired up with Azula. (Azulatatis: "Who wants to pair up with me?" StraightACarlaay: "Meeee!! <3 :)"
  • When they're on chat, they have a lot to talk about.
  • They always have fun.
  • Even before they were officially friends, Carlaay has always loved Azula's name and says that she reminds her of the awesome fairy Azura from Fairytopia.
  • Carlaay knows people from Mexico (which is where Azula lives), so she always turns to Azula when she needs to know something... including things about crazy boys from Carlaay's class that used to live in Mexico. Also, Carlaay once had a crazy dream about Mexico after chatting with Azula.
  • They didn't talk for about half a year, but finally, one fateful night, Azura decided to go on chat, and Carlaay had to read her name twice in the chat preview box because she didn't believe Azura was really there. Then she wrote her lots of "whats" as if Azura was a ghost but no, she wasn't and they caught up :D