Carlaay (right) and Bori (left)

is the friendship pairing of StraightACarlaay and Bori Freak. The two have always been nice to each other.

They sometimes chat on the iCarly wiki. Both users go there.

On one of Graceyn's blogs on the Victorious Wiki, you had to list 5 of your friends - Bori Freak said, "The only person who comes to mind right now is StraightACarlaay", which Carlaay found very sweet.

Bori Freak has contributed to Carlaay's Fanstories wiki Victorious Fanstories wiki and was one of the first people to do so.

Also, on a blog on the iCarly wiki where you had to comment and the maker of the blog would tell you which song you remind them of, both of them got a Ke$ha song (Bori got Tik Tok and Carlaay got Take It Off).

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