Nyan cat.

Shipped users:

Deni and Sky

Type of ship:


Ship status:

Best friendsza.

Start date of relationship:


Skeni is the friendship pairing between SycoBat and Avianabat (Sk/ycoBat + D/eni/se).

Skeni MomentsEdit

  • Both thought of the same name for this pairing.
  • When Deni was sick, Sky told her to get well and gave her soup.
  • Deni was the first person Sky met on the chat.
  • They shared omegle conversations.

Skeni TriviaEdit

  • Both love Memes.
  • Both love Nyan Cat.
  • Both users love gaming.
  • Both users ship Bat.
  • Both go on 9gag/Memebase.
  • Both have Bat in their usernames.
  • Both like adding categories to pages.
  • They both love gaming.

Official CrapEdit

Official Place: Victorious Wiki Chat.

Official Ship: Bat.

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