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IDK, But it started when MLH realized Mrdill was stalking her. xD


Stalker and Stalkee, Best Friends

PatromeHoward is the pairing of PatromeLover202 and Mrs.leohoward. They are VERY VERY VERY VERY good friends. They are best friends.

Relationship DynamicEdit

They are quite good friends who hardly ever fight. MrDill stalks her. MLH... does stuff... =D> MrDill and MLH are deeply caring toward one another.


  • MrDill stalks MLH's talk page, which MLH thinks is adorable.
  • MrDill stated that she loves MLH.
  • MLH loves MrDill back.
  • Mrdill always posts how she hates it when MLH isn't online.
  • Mrdill is MLH's awesomesauce stalker. xD
  • Mrdill got MLH to watch HOA with MagicalMango's help.
  • They are bestiiiiies.
  • Mrdill and MLH always TP each other. Booth waays.
  • Mrdill started to read The Hunger Games because of MLH.
  • Mrdill Calculated Here to see if MLH and her crush are meant to be and it showed 92%.
  • Mrdill gave MLH some ice cream. MLH spat it out.
  • When MrDill gave Seggum a pickel first, MLH was disappointed.
  • They had an epic singing battle on chat.
  • When MLH gave Yoshi the last cookie, MrDill got upset.
  • When MrDill was talking about the fail Wiki Prome with local users Cc,Reffy and Cait on chat, she said she wants to take MLH to the prome (as a friend)
  • MrDill asked MLH out to the prome (as a friend), and was upset when MLH told her she has a date already. MLH's was twice as upsetting.
  • When MLH was upset about WP's disappearance,Mrdill rubbed her head and told her he would be back someday.
  • On TC, MrDill told MLH that she sings pretty.
  • MLH also told MrDill that it's cute when she snorts.


  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • They both ship Cabbie.
  • They are both superly-duperly epic.
  • They both ship Fabina and Ferome on HOA
  • MrDill knows what MLH looks like MLH won't know what MrDill looks like until BOTH MrDill and MLH are on TC.
  • MLH often says LALALALA while MrDill often says YaddaYaddaYadda
  • MrDill sometimes sneaks on the TVF during school to sing along to MLH's Lalalalala with a YaddaYaddaYadda like she did just now ;P.
  • They both celebrate April Fools.

Gallery of Their Awesome Screen ShotsEdit