Shipped Users

OneAndOnly0208 and Trisha Vega-Lim

Start Date of Ship

Sometime in 2004

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Oringles is the pairing of Oreo (OneAndOnly0208) and Pringles (Trisha Vega-Lim).


  • Oreo and Pringles talk to each other on the Victorious Wiki chat.
  • They talk about their friends online in school.
  • Oreo stated on Nirenberge213's blog Which User Would YOU Eat? she would eat Pringles (along with Minithepeanut).
  • Oreo and Pringles leave each other messages about a specific guy.
  • Pringles sorta gave Oreo an idea to have her own t-shirt made that has the "Oreo" logo.


  • They know each other in real life.
  • They are the longest running ship on this wiki.
  • Oreo made Pringles' account on Victorious Wiki.
  • They have the same crush but still remain friends.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Food: Popcorn- they both like that and they decided to be it.

Song/s: Unfriend You (Greyson Chance), Super Bass (Nicki Minaj), Fly (Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna).

Color: Purple- their favorite color.