This is a page obvs for Liz, Ciria, and Nikz.

Ciria is queen bitch. Bye.

We're all sexier than you tho. Tumblr m69juegbPy1qc479po1 500 Asadadadas2 Tumblr m5kx8nGz221ryqd5ko2 500 SLAPBITCHES

Now this page will be filled with Nikz gifs please enjoy.

Tumblr m1np7fyqdr1ql92t2o1 r1 250Tumblr m1np7fyqdr1ql92t2o2 250 Tumblr m1mhbnBwm81qjh5rwo1 250Tumblr m1mhbnBwm81qjh5rwo3 250 Tumblr m1mhbnBwm81qjh5rwo6 250Tumblr m1mhbnBwm81qjh5rwo7 250 Tumblr m0opzs7RrO1r1u1kvo1 r1 500Tumblr m1m2p0qaXF1qd74w7o2 250 Tumblr lziqp5FZE21qjh5rwo1 r1 250 Tumblr m1j1u0qLye1qm1uk9 Regdfgdfgfgfd Tumblr luxpcmGVP41qhxlwmo1 250 Tumblr luxpcmGVP41qhxlwmo2 400 Tumblr m0bk9hXPzm1r0u3cho2 250
Tumblr lszeh5zWqX1qbb7qqo4 400

Tumblr m69y7qNVsf1qebbs7o2 250

Tumblr lyqwl4AMFI1qhlgvyo3 250Tumblr lyqwl4AMFI1qhlgvyo6 250Tumblr ls76f0UtuE1qzkm2wo4 250

Tumblr llkm56PRHd1qd6igfo1 500

Tumblr llmorsVYCL1qe0xyxo1 r2 400

Tumblr lwjbmduWnx1qbb7qqo1 500

Tumblr m6amytJcvy1qg3xkso4 250Tumblr m5mrm9naKs1r9d7c8o5 250 Tumblr m6eljhNoKJ1r0yl44o4 250Tumblr m6e74n0ve51qeu7cwo1 500Tumblr m2apm32IQC1rtywp4o1 500Tumblr m6b68yTaxj1qebbs7o2 250

Tumblr m1zferKFXV1qdiwa3o3 500
Tumblr m3mlvbIiTu1rqydmwo1 500
Tumblr m6i2c1aB5G1qbb7qqo1 500

Tumblr m4xg8za8So1rxulobo1 500

Tumblr m6cjttJBaJ1qg3xkso1 500

Tumblr m4pau3S6R61qly8bxo1 250Tumblr m4pau3S6R61qly8bxo2 250

Tumblr m4pau3S6R61qly8bxo3 250Tumblr m4pau3S6R61qly8bxo4 250 Tumblr m4pk6bwAc91qly8bxo1 250Tumblr m4pk6bwAc91qly8bxo2 250 Tumblr m3olxrUU3e1qmq6raTumblr m6cmxa8lCd1rrzyi8o1 250 Tumblr m2v5asfMc31qi9yn4o5 250

Tumblr m5o6rnIDdm1qzketrTumblr m6gmnmTVds1qdoxdio2 250

                          Tumblr m4r4wdtwjC1rx23jno1 250

Ps: the hos will add theirs later you know when they stop being lazy.

Tumblr lmumirwV7E1qe2d04
CIRIA'S SEXY GIF Tumblr m660faUhSh1rodvi6 Tumblr m50dxw9AMc1rxq814o1 250 Tumblr m63d2fwsuB1rxq814o1 500 Tumblr m523whUotU1rxq814o1 500


Emily3ShippingvssanityAliens alfieAngry hades

Awkward maleficentAwesomeangryfaceBubblesbubblesbubblesbubblesCat lightsCartwheelCatinthehat i&#039;ll get you and make it look like an accidentDancing darth vader and stormtroopersDishonor on everythingFalling alfie ghostGo down with this ship titanicHan1Imperfect josh <-- Joshiepoo is the perfect one. Not us three, although we are perfJosh ninjaLights bearclawsMaleficent3Megara1Pim words lose meaningRaexbb 2 1Raexbb 2 2Rapunzel flynn2Starfire1Want that boy trinaWant that boy carlyTrina make him love meJenna rockspapertakeoffclothesCreepy londonEatcookie raven

Dancing joshtoria

❤ They are friends
❤They like stuff
❤They are hos
❤They love each other
❤They have emotional moments that will NOT be put here
❤They are obvs sexier than you

Lola talking to the dead

Bruno Mars Medley! - Victoria Justice & Max Schneider03:05

Bruno Mars Medley! - Victoria Justice & Max Schneider

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