Emily and Kitty

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Emily, Kittycat1010

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Nirencat is the pairing of Nirenberge and Kittycat1010. They are both good friends.


  • When Emily and Kitty became friends she told that Kitty was sweet.
  • They both leave each other messages on each other's talk pages often.
  • Emily was one of the first few friends for Kitty in the Wikia.
  • While Emily was sad that Bat didnt have many moments, Kitty agreed with her.
  • While thinking of names for their pairing page, Kitty suggested Nirencat and Emily really liked it.
  • Kitty tends to imagine Emily as Ariana Grande.
  • They have both said they love each other.


  • They both like all of the Victorious cast.
  • They both ship Bat.
  • They both hate shipwarring.
  • They both think that Dan Schneider is a genious.
  • They both agree that iCarly ships are cliché and the show is now focusing more on relationships than on comedy.
  • They both hate the timezone differences.
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