Emily: Ariana Grande & OneAndOnly0208: Liz Gillies

Shipped Users

Nirenberge213and OneAndOnly0208

Start Date of Ship

September 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


NirenOnly is the pairing between Emily (Nirenberge213) and OneAndOnly0208. They are really really really good friends and have said they love each other multiple times.


  • Emily was one of OneAndOnly's first friends.
  • Emily is the first one listed on OneAndOnly's friend list.
  • OneAndOnly is listed on Emily's friend list as "The Brainiac" and it made her smile.
  • Emily thinks that they should celebrate their birthdays together.
  • OneAndOnly came to the Cade Wiki, which Emily created, as her previous account, Idontknowwhattotype.
  • Emily loves OneAndOnly's username because Adele and Liz Gillies sang the song it was inspired by.
  • Emily thought it was cool that OneAndOnly lives in the Philippines.
  • Emily supported OneAndOnly when she was upset about a guy being smarter than her and him liking her even though she doesn't like him. did that make sense?
  • Emily told OneAndOnly that she loves chatting with her.
  • Emily gave OneAndOnly advice when she was heartbroken.
  • Emily gave OneAndOnly the code to make her talk page link show up on her username.
  • Emily helped OneAndOnly when she was trying to put userboxes onto her page.
  • When they didn't talk in a long time, Emily went berserk and left OneAndOnly a message talking about how they needed to chat.
  • OneAndOnly left Emily a message about how lucky she is to have her.
  • Emily left her a message just like hers.
  • Emily told OneAndOnly that she'll always be there for her.
  • OneAndOnly told Emily what her real name was before she told anyone.
  • OneAndOnly's friend made up a Friend Appreciation Day...For Us! and they celebrated it together.
  • When OneAndOnly put a picture of herself up, Emily told her that she was pretty and she loved her glasses.
  • OneAndOnly has been going ballistic about making this page.

    We'll always be there for each other!!! <333

  • Emily did a little imitation of OneAndOnly on her talk page, saying, "Loves!"
  • She wished OneAndOnly luck when making a userbox.
  • OneAndOnly imitated her by doing her favorite smiley face: :]
  • Emily thinks of them as besties. (and they are)
  • Emily supported OneAndOnly and stood by her when she went through hard times with crushes/friends.


  • Their birthdays are a day apart. [Emily on the 9th of February, Oreo on the 8th.]
  • They both love potatoes but who doesn't?
  • They both have lots of userboxes on their page.