Nikz and Cxc holding a giant chocolate bar.

Shipped Users:

NikzLovesJarlos and Catxcrazy

Start date of ship:

Someewheree over the rainbow..

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Friends. :)

Nikzxcrazy is ze awesome pairing of Catxcrazy and NikzLovesJarlos. Now, WHERE'S MY GOLDEN TICKET?!?!? I WANT MY GOLDEN TICKET


  • Nikz showed Cxc what she looked like and Cxc said she was pretty.
  • Nikz then said Cxc was pretty too.
  • Then they had a fight about who was prettier. /coughNIKZIScough/ Obviously Cxc editeed this
  • They were once not friends /becauseofdarndrama/ but when Cxc asked if they were friends Nikz said yes.


  • They both go on Tinychat.
  • They both have hair.
  • They're both gurls.

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