Ms. Cc is the pairing of Ms. reference and Cc71 (Ms./ reference and Cc/71).


  • Cc wanted to call Reffy Reffy.
  • Cc wanted to make a page with Reffy. THAT'S A MOMENT PEEPS.


  • They both worked on The Victorious Advertiser.
  • They became chat mods on Victorious Wiki on the same day.
  • Cc was the first one to call Reffy Reffy!! XD
  • Both shipped Jori at one point.
  • They're both in The Cheese Family.
  • They're both in The Sisterhood.
  • They both love The Big Bang Theory. Especially Howard. ;]

iCarly StuffsEdit

  • They both used to ship Seddie but are now neutral for iCarly.
  • They both miss Season 3 iCarly.
  • They both disliked Seddie after the arc.
  • They both dislike Cibby but kinda like Sibby.
  • Both dislike Gibby as a main character.
  • Both dislike the current character of Sam.

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