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Mrs.leohoward and Seggum

Start Date of Ship

November 5, 2011

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MrsGummy is the pairing between Seggum and Mrs.leohoward. They haven't known each other long, but they seem to be good friends. The pairing used to be called LeoSeg, but they changed it to MrsGummy.


*They have talked to each other on the Victorious Chat.
  • When MLH first met Seggum, she wanted a page with her because she loves Se
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    Christmas Mockingjayyyyyyyyy



    ggum so much.
  • MLH often calls Seggum Seggy Weggy, Segg, Wegg, and Weggy Seggy.
  • They tweet each other on Twitter.
  • They met on Victorious Wiki Chat, and they immediatley became friends.
  • Seggum said MLH makes her tired because MLH constantly asks her to print screen thier moments on chat.
  • Seggum calls MLH "hon".
  • When Seggum does something rewarding, MLH gives Seggum a cyber cookie.
  • Seggum always freaks out when MLH appears on chat.
  • Seggum and MLH stuck together when they were both driving apart from a friend. They were both very comforting to each other.
  • Seggum told MLH on Twitter that she forgave MLH for not tweeting back, and completely understood.
  • Seggum often messages MLH on the Truly Victorious Forum.
  • They had a pickle fight on chat. No, they didn't throw pickles at eachother. You don't deserve to know how is it possible to have a pickle fight, cause Gummy and Leo are too awesome.
  • Seggum drew a super awesome Mockingjay for Leo as a Christmas present.


  • They love print screening thier moments.
  • They both are team PEETA!
  • They are both obsessed with The Hunger Games and had watched the trailer over 100 times.
  • Gummy always whines about their Timezones, that sepparate them by 10 FRIGGIN HOURS DDD: (You can of course tell Gummy wrote this. STUPID TIMEZONES D:<)

Fan Representation For This Coolio ShipEdit

Official Animal: A mockingjay, because...YOU DON'T DESERVE AN EXPLANATION.Edit

Official Food:Edit

Official Mascot:A piece of gum in a wedding dress, because it represents the pairing name.Edit

MrsGummy Gallery!Edit

  • MrsGummy...A married gum
  • Hay...!