Shipped Users

Mrs.leohoward and Gleek62442

Start of Relationship

September 4, 2011

Ship Status

....CANON....DUUUUH! ♥

Type of Ship

Best Toes...INSIDE JOKE! :D; One-way crush

Mrs.Gleek is the pairing of Mrs.leohoward and Gleek62442 (Mrs.leohoward and Gleek62442). They are very good friends. Best friends.


  • Before they were friends, Gareema said Sinjin was weird for having a purple pearphone, and Clifford said how was that weird.

    Clifford getting freaked out by Gareema lolza

  • Gareema asked Clifford if they wanted to be friends... probably because he ships Bori now xD>
  • Gareema showed Clifford the promo for... something. Lol, it got illegally taken down, so I dunno what the video is xD>
  • Gareema got pissed off that Clifford added the "Favorite Pairing Category" to every page.
  • Clifford had a glitch and couldn't remove categories, so he asked Gareema to do it.
  • Clifford taught her how to remove categories.
  • They had a very awkward conversation in Chat :P>.
  • Gareema called Clifford in her profile the: "The jokster ;) lolz".
  • When Gareema said Clifford made a good couple with one of the users, and later posted awkward, Clifford posted,"lol, I like how you can never spell awkward xD> No offense tho..."
  • When Gleek left the Victorious wiki, MLH tried getting him back. She even made a pettition to get him back, and succeeded.
  • Out of the many people who tried to get Clifford back, Gareema won out of them all.
  • Clifford told Gareema his crushes.
  • Gareema was one of them.
  • MLH said Clifford's voice was kinda hot.
  • Clifford said MLH was hot...according to Caitlin.
  • MLH sang for Clifford, and Clifford said her voice was amazing.
  • Clifford asked MLH to prome.
  • Clifford always calls MLH a nerd, but it's alright! SHE IS ONEEE. /nods/
  • Clifford knows MLH is a goody two shoes, so he asked her for her reaction when she saw the MediaWiki:BadWords page. She screamed a bit and got scared, so Clifford said, "SOWWY! /hugs/"


  • "Better get rid of your accent." "But...I DON'T EVEN HAVE AN ACCENT!!.."
  • "Hey Gareema, guess what?" "What?" "Glee. xD>"
  • "Hey Clifford guess what?" "What?" "Peeta!!!" "Lolza! :D>"


  • They both ship Cabbie, Bori, and Trandre.
  • They both love Robbie.
  • They are both part of Cabbie royalties.
  • They both strongly dislike Bat with a burning flaming white-hot passion that's so hot you will melt if you are near them.
  • Gareema indirectly taught Clifford the "xD" emoticon.
  • They both like Austin and Ally.
  • Both their signatures in the Austin and Ally have the phrase,"Guess who got a job as...?" (New Directions member/Admin).
  • In Austin & Ally, they both ship Auslly and Daustin.
  • In HOA, they both ship Ferome and Fabina.


Us as gLee characters ;D> Lol, sorry just had to do this :D>

Official StuffEdit

Official Color: Blue, because MLH loves purple, and Clifford hates it, and Clifford loves red, but MLH hates it. AIN'T THAT A TWIST?! So when you combine red + ____, it equals purple. The blank should be filled in with a blue. Got it? Gooood. It could also be purple, because of the Sinjin phone freakout.

Official Food: Yuperoonis (pepperonis), because Clifford says that a lot around MLH.

Official Place: VURW Chat, because that's where Clifford told MLH he liked her. HEHEHE xD

Official Number: 711, because they both joined the wiki in July 2011.

Official Animal: Bats, because they both hate the actual pairing.

Official Flavor: A cliff bar that's tasty but familiar, 'cuz I got it like dat.