242px-Cabbie FOREVER
Cabbie. :)

Shipped Users:

Mrs.leohoward and Ant 157349

Ship Status:


Type of Ship:

Friendship. ONLY.

Mrs.Ant is the friendship of Mrs.leohoward (Mrs.) and Ant 157349 (Ant). They are both best friends on the wiki.


  • Mrs.leohoward first got Ant interested in the Hunger Games.
  • Mrs.leohoward thinks it's cool that Ant lives in England. (Vice versa!)
  • Mrs.leohoward liked the userboxes Ant made (therefore the friendship was formed!).
  • They had a very long conversation on the iCarly Wiki.
  • They haven't talked for a while, so MLH send Ant a message saying they should talk again. <3
  • They were talking about how this page needed serious editing.
  • Ant said she loved MLH.
  • MLH said she loves Ant.


  • They both adore Matt Bennett.
  • They both LOVE Cabbie.
  • They both love Peeta Mellark, althought MLH has clearly stated she already jinxed him.
  • They are the same age....I think.