Shipped Users:

Mrs.leohoward and IVilo



Type of Ship:

Best Friends, Cyber Siblings

Start Date of Ship:

November 2011

MissVilo is the pairing between Mrs.leohoward and IVilo. They are best best best best best friends. Their friendship had developed very quickly, becoming best friends within days.



  • Vilo has a nickname for Mrs.leohoward, which is "Missssss".
  • Vilo and MLH have both told each other they love each other very much.
  • They often call out each other's name on the chat.
  • MLH called Vilo 'Her little Sir. Laughs a lot' even though Vilo is older in real life then MLH.
  • Vilo has MLH listed on his profile as one of his best internet friendsies.
  • Vilo was a big help to MLH when she needed advice on what to do when losing a friend.
  • They can tell eachother anything and will always back eachother up.
  • They message a lot on the Truly Victorious Forum, usually asking for some advice.
  • MLH was once dared to post,"I love Vilo," 11 times, and she did it.
  • MLH was also dared to change her signature saying she loved Vilo. The picture of the signature is below.
  • They see each other like the brother or sister they never had.
  • They once got on TinyChat together - alone.
  • They are more canon than a cannon.
  • Vilo often greets MLH with a heart - <3 - whenever he sees her.
  • MLH also gives him a heart too.
  • MLH told Vilo she was eating peppermint bark, and Vilo said he was eating it with her, which sounded very wrong.
  • MLH made a typo when saying Vilo. Instead, she wrote Volo, so then Vilo called her Moss instead of Miss.
  • MLH has killed Vilo once.
  • Vilo was concerned when MLH told him about how she'd almost fainted in P.E.
  • Vilo started reading The Hunger Games because he heard of it from MLH.
  • When MLH said she got a more boring welcome on chat than Cait's, Vilo spammed "Miss" like crazy.
  • They have a gagillion more moments and are too lazy to add them.
  • Not a gagillion, more like a gazillion more moments and we are too lazy to add them indeed. <3.
  • Vilo tells Miss that whenever the teacher mentions the US, he thinks of her. Vice versa dutch. :P
  • You have no idea how many more moments they have. <3.
  • Swept me off my sleep. Yep, I said that.


  • They both ship Cabbie (MLH likes Cabbie way more, though).
  • They both love white chocolate.
  • They both think the Teletubbies rock.
  • They are pool pals.
  • They both prefer coconuts over mangos.
  • They both love The Hunger Games.

Official StuffEdit

Official Flavor: Peppermint, because MLH told Vilo about this peppermint lipgloss
she bought. Also, they both love peppermint, and go crazy when they hear the word peppermint.

Official Animal: Big Pigs, because MLH and Vilo get very excited over the scene in The Lion King when Timone and Pumba do the Hula Dance, andEdit

say,"He's a big pig!-YUP YUP.-You can be a big pig, too!"