Miria is the usership pairing of Minithepeanut and Ciria. The two of them together, are very mentally unstable and will grow up to lead lives of a Crazy Cat Lady with thirty-two cats. However, once their cats escape (unless they stay until Mini and Ciria die, in which case they'll end up eating them which is a really disturbing thought (THANKS CIRIA)) Ciria has said she will adopt a pet lamp, to light up her life, (Ciria's lame pun, not mine.) and Mini will adopt a pet rock because she's lazy and won't need to give it food or electricity.


  • Mini first messaged Ciria... a while ago, asking her to delete some pictures.
    Crazy Cat Lady

    This is how it starts. It looks so promising, doesn't it?

  • Ciria sent Mini a message asking if she wanted to be a judge for her drabbles contest and help with a prize, to which she agreed.
  • Mini then photoshopped up a trophy for Ciria and engraved - Hey Ciria, How's this? onto it.
  • They then kept sending messages back and forth until they realised it was the longest conversation they'd ever had.
  • Then Mini showed Ciria a photo of her cat "driving" one of those ride in Spiderman car thingies and they kept talking about their cats.
  • They then realised that they would grow up to be crazy cat ladies, with no sane human interaction at all.
  • Then they decided to make this page.
    • You're now caught up to speed.


  • They both have pet cats.
  • They are both are psycho.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Official Animal: Cat - because they are both going to end up owning multitudes of cats instead of having sane human relationships.