Shipped Users

Minithepeanut and ForeverObsessed

Start Date of Ship

16th of August, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Friendship, Awesomeness

MinitheFork is the pairing of Mini (Minithepeanut) and Fork (ForeverObssesed).


  • The two first talked in August when Mini was having trouble getting chat to work. Fork tried helping Mini with her problem.
  • They often talk on chat.
  • Fork helped Mini when she was trying to customize her signature.
  • Fork told Mini that she should be a Chat Moderator on the Victorious Wiki, to which Mini replied "Who? Me?"
    • MinitheFork02


      Mini thanked Fork for saying that she should be a Chat Moderator.
  • Fork said that she loves Mini's signature and she still does.
  • Fork thinks Mini should stop changing her sig 'cause it was amazing just the way it was.
  • Mini thinks Fork shouldn't use the word 'cause' as a shorter version of because, because cause has an entirely different meaning.
  • Mini made Fork a Chat Mod on The Recess Wiki.
  • They had this exchange.


  • Mini sent Fork a message, asking about the picture for their page and she called Fork - "Forky-Worky-Sporky-Dorky-Corky-Porky Roar"
  • FO's watching Mini like a hawk.
  • So when Mini's eating, sleeping or whatever FO is watching her. Scratch that, because that just sounds plain wrong O.o
  • Fork openly said she's always wanted to do Mini. Mini backed away.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Official Meme: Y U NO Guy. Because of the conversation they had up there.


  • They were two of the five original members of The Roar Family.
  • Fork was the third person to leave a message on Mini's talk page (excluding the automatic welcome message).
  • They're most of the time on chat.
  • They're both two of the most awesomesauce people you will ever meet.

Hints Outside of the WikiEdit

  • When Mini went Christmas shopping, she found a really tiny plastic fork (it was the height of her pinky nail) and took it home so she could photograph it and show Fork because it reminded her of Fork. But she lost it.