Shipped Users

Minithepeanut, Catxcrazy,Songbird341

Start Date of Ship

27th of November, 2011

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Type of Ship


MiniCrazyBird is the tri-pairing of Minithepeanut, Catxcrazy, and Songbird341. Songbird341 often goes by Tweety, and Catxcrazy goes by Katze, both nicknames originally given to them by Mini.


  • Mini and Tweety originally met on when Mini reviewed her story (The Show Must Go On) and added it to her favorites. After Tweety made an account on the Victorious Wiki, they met again, along with Katze.
  • After chatting several times together and apart, they finally decided to make a pairings page. Tweety designed the page and made the collage, wi
    Crazy Bird
    th Katze's help.
  • Tweety asked Katze what her favorite colors were (Blue and Hot Pink), in order to color her name for the collage. They guessed Mini's favorite color was purple.
  • The collage was made of cute animal pictures that Katze and Mini randomly started linking in the chat, after Mini asked Tweety to save them all to upload to the pairings page. Tweety then decided to make a collage of them instead.
  • Tweety suggested the names CatTheBird and MiniCrazyBird, asking for Katze's opinion.


  • They all enjoy listening to Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies.
  • They all at least moderately ship Cabbie, Tandré and Bade.
  • They all enjoy Singing, Dancing, Acting and Writing.
  • They are all girls.