2000 - sydney Olly, Syd e Millie

Shipped Users

Minithepeanut, 2munchkin2

Start Date of Ship

4th of November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


See Also

Marchminaspop1010, The Roar Family, Minchcat, Mini the Pirate's Crew of the Wikid

Minchkin is the pairing of Minithepeanut and 2munchkin2. They are currently working on their pairing page.


  • Mini sent Munchkin a message saying "Hey - can you go on chat please? *does puppy dog eyes* - I wanna make more pairing pages on the user relationships wiki ~~ I also wanna make soup - but that comes later."
  • Munchkin sent a message back saying "hahaha kay kay! :D"
  • Mini suggested a name and Munchkin said "that's cute."

    Here is a picture of Munchkin and Mini strolling around Sydney. Munchkin is Millie, the yellow echidna and Mini is Olly the kookaburra that is awesomely dancing and blocking the view of Syd.

  • When Mini wrote a comment on the Tori page about people adding Beck as a possible crush, Munchkin agreed and wrote yep.
  • Munchkin commented on Mini's Jaedaspeanut page and said "this is cute!"
  • Mini thanked her for this.
  • Munchkin nominated Mini for Featured User on the Victorious Wiki.
    • Mini thanked her for this. - Her exact words were THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! <3
  • When Mini said that she had major tests coming up, Munchkin wished her luck.
  • When Mini did her Mini's 50 Cute Pictures Spamming on chat, Munchkin saved most of the pictures.
  • When Mini posted a picture of Beck as the number one cute picture, Munchkin replied saying @Mini - <3<3<3 x Some Random Number.


  • They are both Australian.
  • They both ship Bori, Tandre, Catrina, and Bat.
  • Their favourite colours are red and black (and purple for Munchkin.)
  • Mini said on Victorious chat that she would start calling Munchkin 'Munchables.'
  • Mini and Munchables are both part of the pairing Marchminaspop1010.
  • They are both sisters in The Roar Family.
  • They are both part of the Tri-Pairing Minchcat.
  • Munchables was the second person to be inducted in to Mini's Pirate Crew.