Puppy love2

Shipped Users

Minithepeanut, 2munchkin2 and Kittycat1010

Start Date of Ship

November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Too Awesome of A Friendship to Define

Minchcat is the tri-pairing of Minithepeanut, 2munchkin2 and Kittycat1010.


  • The three of them often talk on chat.
    • When they do, they do it for ages.
  • They were the only two that stayed for Mini's 50 Cute Pictures Spamming on chat. (Munchkin even saved most of them.)
  • Kitty solved an argument Mini and Munchkin were having by saying that Mini could have Beck (Bemi) and Munchkin could have Avan (Munchavan).
  • The three of them often discuss stuff to add to The Roar Family page, which they are all apart of.
  • They have group hugged too many times.
  • Mini pointed out that Kitty was a Chat Moderator and they celebrated by having tons of group hugs and Roar Hugs.
  • Munchables came on chat one time at 12 in the morning just to tell Kitty and Mini that she loved them, before leaving to go sleep.


  • They all ship Bemi and Munchavan hardcore.
  • They are all a part of The Roar Family.
  • They were all excited to add JP to their family.
  • They all like baby animals.
  • They have all attempted to read a Caniel story on but some of them were repulsed by the first line. (It was Tori hating.)
    • I guess that means they hate Tori haters.
    • And they all ship Caniel?
    • Or something.