Shipped Users

BlueString19 and Kittycat1010

Start Date of Ship

5th of November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


LylKiwi is the pairing of Lyl (BlueString19) and Kiwi (Kittycat1010).

  • Lyl - Kiwi's nickname for BlueString 19
  • Kiwi - Lyl's nickname for Kittycat1010


  • They met on Victorious Chat.
  • When Lyl asked Kiwi about where she got most of the Victorious pics, Kiwi gave her the tumblr websites for them.
  • Lyl suggested this name for the page and Kiwi agreed to it.


  • They are both from Asia.
  • They like Jori, Tandre, Cabbie, and Jandre.
  • They are both obsessed with Victorious.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Mascot: Their official mascot is Ninja Moxie, which is the name of the cat in their picture who is playing with blue string.

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