Shipped Users

Kittycat1010, Luna-daughter of Artemis

Start Date of Ship

10th of October, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


See Also

The Roar Family

Lunacat1010 is the pairing of Luna-daughter of Artemis and Kittycat1010.


  • They both met on Jade Gets Crushed page.
  • They were both chatting on Victorious chat.
  • When Kitty asked about how to make a gif Luna helped her out and gave her a youtube link that gave a lot of details.
  • Luna asked about Elizabeth Gillies being on BTR episode and Kitty gave her more information about it.


  • They are both from Asia.
  • They both like Elizabeth Gillies.
  • They both like Bade, Cade, Bori, Jori, Cabbie and Tandre.
  • They both are against hating characters and ship wars.
  • They both are against bullying.
  • They both have photoshop and like to edit.
  • Kitty adopted Luna into The Roar Family.

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