Here is a picture of some Peanuts Baked Cheddar Crackers

Shipped Users

Minithepeanut and BlueString19

Start Date of Ship

5th of November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


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The Roar Family

Lovini is the pairing of Lovi (BlueString19) and Mini (Minithepeanut). They even have cute nicknames for each other, BlueString is Cheddar and Minithepeanut is Peach.


  • On Victorious Chat, Cheddar said she was eating chocolate and asked if anybody wanted some.
    • She gave some of her chocolate to Peach.
  • When JP said Peach was nominated for Featured User, Cheddar said "I'll vote for you."
  • Peach said I <3 You Guys when Cheddar (and JP) said they would vote for her.
  • Peach hugged Cheddar (and JP).
  • Peach telepathically gave Cheddar some Australian water.
  • When Peach said she was making a pairing page, Cheddar said "Thanks <3"
  • They have high-fived in appreciation of Kitty's awesome avatar.
  • Peach taught Cheddar how to customize her signature.
    • Cheddar's reply was "Thanks again Peach for teaching me. <3<3<3"
  • Peach literally cried when she found out that Cheddar was leaving the wiki at four o'clock in the morning as well. She didn't tell Cheddar about the crying part.
  • Peach sent Cheddar a message telling her that she loved her and that she would miss her if she left.
  • Peach wished Cheddar a Happy Birthday in a message and on the Off Topic Blog.


  • They both have the same favourite number, which is 9.
  • They both like cheddar cheese and have eaten it as a snack before.
  • They both ship Jori, Tandre, Cabbie, and Cade.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Food: The food in their infobox, because it's Peanuts' Baked Cheddar Crackers which is a part of Minithepeanut's username and Mini's nickname for BlueString19.