Shipped Users

InsaneBlueberry and StraightACarlaay

Start Date of Ship

November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Lizaay is the exquisite pairing of InsaneBlueberry (Liz) and StraightACarlaay.


  • Carlaay asked to be Liz's friend on a blog and then Liz left her this message on her talk page: "Hey, so on the Friends Blog, you said you'd like to be friends with me. I've been meaning to leave a message on your talk page and just got around to it. Anyways, I'd love to get to know you better. :D". That's how they became friends.
  • Lizaay
    On Liz's userpage on the Victorious Wiki, she has StraightACarlaay listed under her friends as "My Fantastic iCarly Lover."
  • When StraightACarlaay said she didn't know who would want to be shipped with her, Liz immediately replied with all caps saying that they could be a ship together.
  • Carlaay and Liz both agree on each other's posts a lot.
  • Both users love to sleep.
  • Carlaay thinks that "Insane Blueberry" would be a perfect saying for an iCarly-ian "Penny-T".
  • Liz and Carlaay both like the song "Cannibal" by Ke$ha.
  • Their usernames both contain more than one word.
  • 180px-Trina,jade,and carly
    Liz once stood up for Carlaay when a user was being rude to her on the Vent Blog.
  • Liz and Carlaay both love being surprised for Christmas.
  • Carlaay wished Liz good luck with her neck. <3
  • Carlaay and Liz are both 14 years old. Is this even true? It never got updated
  • They tweet each other.
  • Once, Carlaay was on at 4 and Liz was freaked out about it. Liz was on because she couldn't sleep. Liz still remembers this.
  • They always have a lot of fun on chat! :D
  • Carlaay has seen a picture of Liz!
  • Carlaay respects that Liz is a blueberry.
  • Carlaay knows where Liz likes to go shopping.
  • Carlaay was Liz's Victorious wiki Secret Santa (2012)! ↓
  • ♥♡♥♡♥
  • You are sweet, awesome, and creative! ❈
  • Haha, I ❤ you Liz!! :D