Shipped Users

InsaneBlueberry and Nirenberge213

Start Date of Ship

September 17, 2011

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Type of Ship


Limily is the pairing of Liz (InsaneBlueberry) and Emily (Nirenberge213). They are absolute best friends.


  • They tell each other many things.
  • When Emily found out Liz hurt her neck again, she was worried and is always making sure that she's okay.
  • Emily and Liz will leave messages on each other's talk pages a lot of times.
  • Liz loves to listen to Emily talk about dancing, and Emily loves to listen to Liz talk about color guard.
  • When Emily got annoyed with the friendships that formed while she was gone, Liz immediately forgave her and told her everything was fine.
  • Emily left Liz a message a while back asking to be friends and saying that she admires Liz.
  • Emily loves Liz's writing skills.
  • Liz wants Emily to make a Fanfiction account.
  • Liz was happy for Emily when she got into pre-pointe.
  • Emily is always curious about what is going on with Liz.
  • Emily is always excited when she gets a message from Liz.
  • Liz was curious about what Science Camp was like for Emily.
  • Emily is always obsessively looking at Liz's Live Journal and Fanfiction accounts.
  • They were "fighting" on the LeoBerge page. They were calling each other demons and yelling at each other and striking out everything. Then they stopped using any sort of punctuation or strikes or caps and telling the other that they won and the other fails forever.
  • They were talking about what Ciria and Liz should do for their 1 year friend anniversary on the Ciz page.
  • Emily asked Liz if she thought they were besties or just good friends or just friends, and Liz made a joke and pretended to be under a ton of pressure. But then she said besties.
  • Emily is still wondering where the quote that Liz used for her talk page link in her signature is from. she already guessed a disney channel original movie, so don't tell her to.
  • They constantly tease each other.
  • Emily said that she loved one of Liz's new signature's so much that she would explode.
  • Emily was happy for Liz when she said she was going to ask if she could get the sheet music for a new album she loves.


  • Their birthdays are two days apart.
  • They're both insane.
  • They both love Lights.