Kitty and MLH

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Kittycat1010, Mrs.leohoward

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The Roar Family

Leokitty is the pairing of Mrs.Leohoward and Kittycat1010. Their pairing name also sounds similar to hello kitty. They are both close friends.


  • They often send messages to each other on their talk pages.
  • When MLH became an admin, Kitty congratulated her.
  • MLH told Kitty about the Cabbie petition.
  • When Kitty edited a pic of Victorious cast, MLH liked it a lot.
  • When Kitty was unsure about what rollback rights were, MLH was the one who informed her and what does getting that promotion means.
  • MLH suggested the name Leokitty when Kitty did not know what name to use for their pairing page.
  • When Kitty made a blog about Daniella Monet, MLH agreed that she is not appreciated more.
  • MLH was sad when Kitty was getting voted off for the Victorious Wiki Survivor.


  • They are both Indians... well MLH is half Indian actually.
  • They both ship Bori, Jandre, and Cabbie.
  • They both hate ship warring.