Start Date of Relationship:

Middle of 2011



Type of Ship:


LeoKelsi is the pairing between Mrs.leohoward and Kelsijo1. The two seem to be very good friends.


  • MLH has stated Kelsi is a really sweet girl.
  • MLH loves Kelsijo's real name, Kelsi, and often calls her that.
  • When Kelsi came onto Victorious Wiki Chat, MLH said chat just got so much better.
  • MLH and Kelsijo often leave messages on each other's talk pages.
  • They had a fight in the comments. It was funny.
  • MLH usually freaks out when Kelsi gets on chat.
  • Both agree that they should chat more with each other.


  • They both ship Bori.
  • They both are against ship warring.
  • They both ship Cabbie.
  • They both ship Jandre.
  • The both ship Vavan.
  • Jade West and Robbie Shapiro are both some of their favorite characters.
  • Both have the same favorite colors: blue, black, and purple.
  • Both are bored a lot.
  • Both LOVE The Hunger Games.
  • Both love mustaches.
  • Both love to dance, act, and sing.
  • Both ship Seddie.
  • Both are in choir.
  • Both are awesome.