LeoKat is the pairing between Mrs.leohoward and KatyKat20 (Nikki). They are good friends and talk to each other whenever they can.

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Shipped Users:

Mrs.leohoward and KatyKat20

Start Date of Ship:

around August 2011

Ship Status:


Type of Ship:


Shipping MomentsEdit

  • MLH was the first one to ask Nikki to be friends. Nikki responded back saying she'd love to be friends.
  • They both talked about how MLH hated P.E. so much and how Nikki actually liked it.
  • Nikki went to go see Victoria and Leon in concert and MLH asked her about the details of the concert. She was too lazy to say how it went that night so she asked MLH to remind her the next day. It ended up being the next week so she didn't remember every detail about it. Pretty inspiring story isn't it?
  • MLH asked Nikki how to remove categories one time.
  • On Nikki's birthday, she said how much she loved that it was her birthday on a blog and MLH responded "Happy Birthday my amazing and wondeful bestie! :D ♥"


  • They are both California Gurls. WEST COAST REPRESENT!!!
  • Music both keeps them alive.
  • They are both admins on the Victorious Wiki.
  • They've both seen the Victorious cast in person.
  • They both like LOVE The Hunger Games and they LOVE Peeta.
  • They both like dancing, acting and singing.
  • They both ship Jandre, Rade, Brina and Candre.
  • They both like the movie the Lion King.
  • They both like Demi Lovato.