LeoCrazyToria is the tri-pairing of Graceyn (Vic/toria), Mrs./leo/howard, and Catxcrazy. They are all very random people and happen to be very unserious. (Is that a word?) They are all very awesome.

For the induvial pairings of this threesome, see Garace, Catoria, and MrsCrazy.


  • One time, all three of these awesome girls were on chat.
  • All of them are on each other's friends list. (Catxcrazy and MLH are on Vic's list, Vic and Catxcrazy are on MLH's list, and MLH and Vic are on Catxcrazy's list).
  • They all love random outbursts of singing.
  • All of them have said they loved each other.


  • They are all members of The Roar Family.
  • They are all girls.
  • They all enjoy this wonderful food called CHEEESEEEE.

Related ShipsEdit

  • The threesome pairing of Daniella Monet/Victoria Justice/Ariana Grande, although a lot closer.

Official TV ShowEdit

  • Dragon Tales for the purpose of MLH's craziness.

Official MascotEdit

  • Dragons, again because of MLH's craziness.