Kittyccat is the super awesome friendship of Kittycat1010 and Cc71 (Kitty/c/at and Cc/71).


  • Cc wanted to make this page. cuz she clearly cares a lot more about Kitty than Kitty does for her</3
  • Cc congratulated Kitty on becoming a chat mod and rollback on Victorious Wiki and said she deserved it.
  • Cc nominated Kitty for featured user before on Victorious Wiki.
  • Kitty congratulated Cc for becoming a chat mod and said she was really happy for her.
  • Kitty confided in Cc about her problem. Cc felt bad and wished her luck.
  • Kitty and Cc have kept up a convo on each other's talk pages for a long time.
  • Kitty and Cc agreed that talk pages were better, even though message walls were cool too.
  • They get super happy when they're on chat together.


  • Kitty is Cc's grandma in The Roar Family.
  • Kitty and Cc are often on at the same time when it's really late at night for Cc. (Cc stays up a little longer sometimes just cuz kitty's on)
  • They message each other a lot.
  • They agree with each other about talk pages and message walls.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Official NumberEdit

71010 because it's the combination of the numbers in their username.

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