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Kelsijo1 and Minithepeanut

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November 18, 2011

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Kelsini is the pairing of Kelsi (Kelsijo1) and Mini (Minithepeanut). Mini often calls Kelsi "Pepsi".


  • Kelsi sent Mini a message saying "Sorry for just randomly messaging you, I don't think we've ever talked before, but I just wanted to say that I ♥ your username. Peanuts are delicious, lol."
    • Mini replied saying "Hey thanks :D I don't think we have spoken before actually. And I love your avatar and your username."
  • Mini made up a nickname for Kelsi, which is Pepsi.
  • When Oreo was asking what her new blog should be, Kelsi and Mini both suggested similar topics. Kelsi said 'How to Make An Awesome Sandwich' and Mini said 'What Would Be Your Perfect Sandwich.'
    • Mini then replied saying "@Kelsi, great minds think alike."
      Kelsini Moment
    • Then they high fived.


  • They both like a lot of the same music.
  • They both like a lot of the same movies.
  • Kelsi voted for Mini as "Featured User" on the Victorious wiki.
  • They are both born in 1996. In fact, Kelsi is exactly 32 days older than Mini.