Victoria and Liz (Marie and Nikki)

Shipped Users

KatyKat20 and Cat'n'Jade_DANCE

Start of Relationship

January 17, 2011 (first talk page message)



Type Of Ship


KatyDANCE is the friendship pairing of KatyKat20 (Nikki) and Cat'n'Jade_DANCE (Marie). The girls are super close friends and they've known each other for nearly a year.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Since the beginning, Nikki and Marie have been especially close. Nikki first talked to Marie because she was upset that people had been putting her down for what she shipped, and it grew from there. They have very different tastes (i.e. Marie loves pop music and Nikki is a classic rocker), but they get over it without pushing each other into holes! easily!


  • Marie was the first person to leave a message on Nikki's talk page.
  • They are both admins on the Victorious Wiki.
  • Nikki once taught Marie how to make a userbox. That officially makes Nikki the most awesome person on earth.
  • Nikki and Marie used to talk about the fanfics that Marie used to write. They were actually pretty good.
  • They tell each other to die in a hole a lot.