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Shipped Users:

KatyKat20 and Ciria

Start of Relationship:

Around September 2011

Ship Status:


Type of Ship:


Katiria is the pairing of KatyKat20 and Ciria.

Relationship DynamicEdit

They are good friends with each other.


  • On the Victorious Wiki, an annoying user kept trying to change the Innuendo page, so when it got REALLY annoying they just kept making hilarious jokes about it on their talk pages using a lot of sarcasm.
  • You can tell, on their talk pages, that they used to talk all the time.
  • Katy asked Ciria how to make a userbox once. It took like 5 tries but now she finally knows how make them. YAY!!!
  • Gleek thought that Ciria and Katy were the same person.


  • They are both Admins on the Victorious Wiki.
  • They both like Katy Perry.
  • They both tend to be very sarcastic at times.
  • They both like Demi Lovato.
  • They are both addicted to chocolate.