Katikz Bears is the awesome pairing between Thenikz0811 and Katelyn; they are Bear Besties.

Katikz bears
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Shipped Users User:NikzLovesJarlos and User:♡KitKat♡




Bestie Bears!


  • Nikz nickname for Cait is Katelyn because of Katelyn Tarver of Big Time Rush
  • They always call eachother Bestie Boo Baa Bears's
  • They love each other
  • Cait literally cried when Nikki said she's leaving
  • Cait loves to fangirl to Nikki.
  • Nikki fangirls to Cait.
  • They PM about private things (duh, its a private message).
  • They both added each other on Facebook.

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