Miranda and Victoria
Carlaay and Kitty

Shipped Users:

StraightACarlaay and Kittycat1010

Start Date of Ship:

November 7 2011

Ship status:


Type of ship:


Karlaay is the amazing friendship pairing of Kittycat1010 and StraightACarlaay. They have been friends for around a year and their friendship is still going on!

Get it? A Cat and Carly? ;D


  • When Kitty was asking about the snow weather, Carlaay said that it was so early and it started snowing.
  • When Kitty was lacking some self confidence in herself, Carlaay encouraged her.
  • Carlaay was having a math exam and Kitty wished her good luck.
  • They both agree that iCarly is turning into "iShippy", but still love the show.
  • Kitty and Carlaay often agree on each other's vents on the Victorious wiki's "Vent Blogs".
  • They used to constantly talk to each other on their Talk Pages.
  • They love each other as friends a lot. (:
  • They currently are having a conversation on two Message Wall threads - one on Carlaay's and one on Kitty's wall. Carlaay asked Kitty if she remembered her, and Kitty replied, "hey of course i remember u hw can i forget you <3 <3 <3 i missed u a lot" <3
  • Carlaay: "Karlaay shall live on! ;D<3" Kitty: "it will always <3 <3"


  • They both like iCarly and Victorious.
  • They both have similar opinions on iCarly.
  • This is the message that started their wonderful friendship, "hi there straightacarlaay :) how r u :) can we be friends? :)"
  • From then on, they both constantly chat on each other's talk pages and talk about everything, from snow to birthday parties to school to music.
  • Kitty has wished Carlaay a happy birthday numerous times.
  • Both of them love KitKats (candy).
  • In general, they agree with each other ('s comments) a lot.
  • They're both in the Roar Family - Kitty is Carlaay's grandma.
  • Kitty was Carlaay's Secret Santa for Oreo's Secret Santa blog. This is the fantastic gift she gave Carlaay:



  • Carlaay misses Kitty!... they need to talk more. And they do!
  • When Kitty once came on chat, Carlaay was very, very happy and enthusiastic.