Shipped Users:

KatyKat20 and OneAndOnly0208

Start Date of Ship:

September 2011

Type of Ship:

Best friends

Kadele is the pairings between KatyKat20 (Nikki) and Adele (OneAndOnly0208). They are good friends and talk to each almost every day.

Shipping MomentsEdit

  • Adele asked Nikki if they would like to be friends and Nikki replied happily that she would love to be.
  • They both had a conversation about rapping. They found out that Nikki absolutely sucks at it.
  • They had a conversation about the Beatles and John Lennon once.
  • They had a conversation about how Adele likes this one guy and that she is one step closer to him being her boyfriend.


  • They both like Adele DUH. As if it wasn't obvious already.
  • They both love singing.
  • They both love Oreos.
  • They both LOVE the Beatles and John Lennon. OH YEAH BEATLES FTW!!!
  • They both agree that John Lennon shouldn't have been shot dead. Nikki is ticked off at the guy who shot him and would like to stab him.
  • They both ship Jandre.
  • They both love Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande.
  • They both like the song "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon (covered by Liz Gillies).