They both ship Eliana with a burning passion and they will go down with this ship.

Shipped Users

Jaedaspop and Minithepeanut

Start Date of Ship

3rd of November, 2011

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Gallery, Marchminaspop1010, The Roar Family

Jaedaspeanut is the pairing of Jaedaspop and Minithepeanut. Minithepeanut calls Jaedaspop either JP or Jeepers. Jaedaspop calls Minithepeanut, Mini.


  • They both talk to each other regularly on the Victorious Chat and greet each other with JP! or Mini!
  • They both commented on the blog This Wiki is Awesome saying how they would be forever alone together.
  • They both like the song Hurt.
  • They are currently sitting in the corner together.
    Screen shot 2011-11-04 at 4.18.59 PM

    For lazy people who would not even scroll down just to see the conversation.

  • Mini suggested two names for this pairing and JP chose the name.
  • Mini said JP - Go to the Victorious Chat and JP said KK!
  • They were talking to each other on chat during the making of this page.
  • JP asked if she could add Mini to her friend's list and Mini said Yeah sure :) And I shall add you to mine.
  • On Mrs.leohoward's Vent Blog, Mini posted saying that she hates when people compare teen singers to one another and JP was one of the people who replied.
  • They had a long discussion about which Eliana picture to put on their page, and Mini told JP "<3 u". You can see some of the conversation below.
  • The have confessed their their love for each other, and have done this twice. (In capital letters, so you know it's legitimate.)
  • In one of the Off-Topic Blog Comments, where JP posted a picture of herself - Mini said "Aww, everyone looks so purty and beautiful. Especially JP. Just sayin'."
  • JP was the one to tell Mini that she had been nominated for Featured User on the Victorious Wiki.
    • Mini responded by virtually hugging everyone and saying I <3 You Guys.
  • When Mini was making the Creating Userboxes page, all of the examples she used were for her Jaedaspeanut userbox.
  • When JP took a break from the wiki, Mini became depressed and started binge drinking a chocolate beverage, in a similar manner to Andre in The Diddly-Bops.
  • When JP told Mini about getting on to the Honor Roll, Mini celebrated by spamming the chat with ten pictures of hot guys.
  • JP started Spamming the comments when Mini asked her to.
  • They were speaking on The Recess Wiki Chat.
  • Mini wrote "JP - GUESS WHAT!"
    • JP asked "WHAT?"
    • Mini replied "I LOVE CHUUUUU"
    • JP replied "I LOVE CHUU TOO"
  • When JP said MLH and FO were the typical friends in Graceyn's 5 Of Your... Blog, Mini sat in the corner and started singing Hurt, which is the song that JP and Mini first sang together when they had no pairings on this wiki.
  • JP misses Mini, and hates how she isn't on chat nowadays.
  • Mini misses JP, and how she doesn't spam comments nowadays.


  • Their birthdays are one day after each other. (Mini is the 20th of August, JP is the 21st.)
  • They both ship Cabbie, Tandre and Bade.
  • Cat and Jade are both their favourite characters.
  • They both love Cade, Elitoria and Eliana.
  • They both love singing.
  • They both want to learn Spanish.
  • They are both against bullying.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Song: Hurt by Christina Aguilera - as this is the song that they sat in the corner and sang to.

Place: The corner or the Victorious Wiki Chat - as this is where they most hang out.

Animal: Unicorn - as they both love unicorns.

Jaedaspeanut GalleryEdit

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