Shipped Users

Jaedaspop and Graceyn

Start of Relationship

1830038082303280 B.C.

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Best Friends

JaedaGrace is the pairing of Jaeda/spop and Grace/yn. They are best friends.


  • They met on tinychat and greeted each other affably.
  • They had a discussion on how disgusting onions are on twitter.
  • Grace said that Jaeda was pretty.
  • Jaeda said that Grace was pretty.
  • Jaeda kept on trying to guess Grace's name, but failed on all guesses.
  • Grace finally gave in and told Jaeda her name.
  • On tinychat, Grace changed her name to 'ilovefoandjaeda'.
  • They were the only two left on tinychat, so they chatted.
  • Grace said that she was happy that Jaeda's cousins were moving to where Jaeda lives.
  • Grace guessed Jaeda's age and was right on her first try. how amazing!
  • Both are on each other's friends list.
  • Jaeda said that Grace was the most amazing human being.

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