tHInnuendos between users, lolza.

  • Amy and Gleek62442 did it in Seattle635's cabin last summer camp.
  • Mrs. Leohoward and Vilo were on chat ALONE.
  • Graceyn and ForeverObssesed know each other.
  • Gleek62442 bought a sock for Jaedaspop
  • Seattle635 fell on the floor.
  • Ms. reference bought me some candy.
  • ForeverObsessed is epic.
  • Mrs. leohoward is actually not the wife of Leo Howard
  • Amy and Mrs. Leohoward hate each other but are the friends of life <3
  • Catxcrazy and cheese were sneeking of in the chef's kitchen.
  • Vilo is a boy because boys love water guns.
  • Seggum chews gum in her free time.
  • Nwachukwu and Azulatitus are the bests of friends, they love giving each other manicures.
  • Mrs. Leohoward threw Seattle635 out the window, the second story window. Hi Ho a Cheeryo.
  • Ms. reference will soon be a mrs. *winks* I'll give you desperate people a hint: it starts with a D E A D M A N 1 9 9 9
  • Mrs. Leohoward is already married. But to who? That is the question.
  • AvianaBat and Azu are mexicans.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leohoward live in a cottage in South America.
  • ForeverObssessed is obsessed with nothing.
  • IVilo and Mrs. Leohoward are friends......
  • Jaedaspop and Graceyn are wifeys *sigh*
  • Gleek62442 loves to go on walks.
  • Amy is actually a hooker in Connecticut
  • Cheese and ketchup do not mix.
  • Catxcrazy believes in unicorns.

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