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Start of ship date:

I don remember XD

Type of ship:


IamJeffy is the pairing of Reffy and Jaylo. Yeah XD. WE RULE.


  • When Jaylo has to leave chat, Reffy always says "AWW BAI HON! LOVE YA!"
  • On the User blog:Patromelover202/Vent Blog 6, IamJaylo saidIamJaylo:" i hate my life..."

Reffy: "awwww, want a hug?"

IamJaylo: "yes please"

Reffy: "hugs*"

IamJaylo: "hugs back* thanks. i just found out that my now EX-best friend asked out the guy i like, but i dont know if he said yes or not... FML"

Reffy: "awwww"


  • they are both crazy
  • they are never angry at each other

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