Shipped Users:

Gleek62442, HeyPeople145

Start of Relationship

September 18, 2011

Ship status:


Type of ship:

Best Friends

HeyGleek is the friendship pairing of HeyPeople145 and Gleek62442. The two are shown to be good friends.


  • Adidas thanked Clifford for making an anti-Bat userbox.
  • Adidas asked Clifford the code for the userbox that said,"This user's name has nothing to do with this wiki."
  • Adidas also asked if they could become friends.
  • Clifford said yes.
  • Adidas said that she loved Clifford's profile.
  • Adidas asked what music he likes besides Glee.
  • Adidas asked what sports he likes.
  • She also asked what was his favorite basketball team.
  • They both nominated each other for featured user in November 2011.
  • Clifford was surprised when Adidas was in chat, which made Clifford jealous and go to chat.


  • They both like the Chicago Bulls.
  • They both like Bade, Tandre, and Cabbie (not the chain, the ships xD>).
  • They both like Tori, Andre, Trina, and Robbie.