We are just like the Manning Brothers

Shipped Users

HeyPeople145 and Azulatatis

Start Date of Ship

November 4, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


HeyAzula145 is the friendship between HeyPeople145 and Azulatatis, both began as acquaintances but then they became really close when they realize they both have similar likes.

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • Both always have a blast with eachother.
  • They trust on eachother.
  • They have similar likes.
  • They both said they would eat each other on one of Emily's blogs


  • They both LOVE the Manning Brothers.
  • Both have Eli Manning as a celebrity crush.
  • Both like Eminem A LOT.
  • They both always have fun around eachother.
  • Both have friendly nicknames for the otherone (MRS. SHADY & MRS. MANNING!!!).
  • Both love the New York Giants.
  • They can talk about anything.