Shipped Users

Mrs.leohoward and StraightACarlaay

Start Date of Ship

November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Haay is the friendship pairing between Mrs.leohoward and StraightACarlaay. They're best friends.


  • When they first met, Mrs.leohoward told StraightACarlaay how much she loved her username.
  • They are always chatting on each other's talk pages.
  • They love joking with each other and "fighting", aka insulting each other.
  • MLH is obsessed with a book character from the series "The Hunger Games" named Peeta, and Carlaay thought Peeta was a girl. Then, they had a huge debate about how amazing Peeta is and whether Peeta sounds like a girl's name or not. "PEETA MELLARK IS A GUY! An amazing one xD" ~MLH
  • MLH loves The Sinjin van Cleef (Carlaay's role play character) and chats with him on his talk page occasionally. She's also (kinda) enthusiastic about Sinjin.
  • MLH loves spoon hats, which are an important part of Carlaay's signature profile pic, which she sometimes changes, though.
  • Both of them love Christmas and Halloween.
  • Mrs. leohoward is aware of Carlaay's "hatred" for the "band" LMFAO, but she sort of likes the song Party Rock Anthem, which has led to a small dispute.
  • Carlaay somewhat likes bees, although one stung her bestie (MLH) on her birthday.
  • Mrs.leohoward hasn't replied to Carlaay's messages in a too long period of time.
  • They also need to talk more.
  • Mrs.leohoward said that if Carlaay were a food, she'd taste like alphabet soup.
  • Carlaay wished Mrs. leohoward good luck with her crush, although he would never like her.
  • MLH gave Carlaay some cyber doritos and water.
  • They both sometimes go "Laaaaaaaa" on chat - MLH does it way more, though!
  • MLH loves Carlaay's signatures.
  • Carlaay has heard MLH's ugly, unpleasant, gravelly voice.


  • They both love Victoria Justice.
  • They chat almost every day.
  • They're both chat moderators on the Victorious wiki.
  • Both users like KitKats.
  • They both like to sing.
  • Carlaay calls Mrs.leohoward either "Leo" or "MLH".
  • They follow each other on Twitter. (@CarlaayCaake and @MrsLeoHoward3)
  • They both like that special, feeling of getting homework done early. nerds

Stuff That Represents This Incredible PairingEdit

Official Song: Hollywood Dream by The Ready Set, because MLH and Carlaay have an inside joke about that song...

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