Shipped Users

Seggum and Kittycat1010

Start Date of Ship

3rd of November, 2011

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Gummykitty1010 is the pairing of Gummy (Seggum) and Kittycat1010.


  • They first met on the Victorious chat.
  • Gummy always sends Kitty videos about MLP.
  • Gummy likes to call kitty as KITTAH.
  • While talking on the Victorious chat, they established that Kitty was, in fact, Gummy's grandmother.
  • Gummy came up with the name because she thought Mini's name was bad. (actually, it was because kitties are much cooler than cats)
  • Gummy was worried when Mini threatened to tell her grandmother about a boy flirting with her because she would stop giving her money for candy.
  • Gummy attempted to have a hug war with KITTAH but was busy looking for a picture for the Gummenu page.


  • They both like House of Anubis.
  • Kitty always gives Gummy money to buy candy, like the awesome grandma she is.
  • They are both part of the tri-pairing Gumminitty1010.